From Queens to City Council: Why New York needs Badrun Khan

Former NY-14 Congressional Candidate Badrun Khan is running for City Council.

On November 21st, 2020, Badrun Khan announced her bid for New York City Council in District 26. With the Covid-19 pandemic continuously damaging New York and the suffering of its residents becoming progressively worse with time, Khan could not stand idly by and watch as the prodigious center of culture that is NYC continues to hurt.

How will the grand and comely city of New York recover from the turbulent times of Covid? Badrun Khan, who has worked faithfully with her community throughout her life, has a plethora of answers. She wants to establish a universal basic income for the residents of New York City, She wants to help small businesses reopen with the use of direct grants from the city, and she wants to increase funding for special education in New York’s public school system. Badrun also wants to implement universal rent stabilization for both residences and commercial leases to help New York survive during these harsh and anomalous times.

Small businesses such as bodegas and cafes are an intrinsic staple of New York City’s sublime culture. However, ever since Covid hit the big apple, those businesses have been suffering dismally throughout these uncharted times. Small business owners have been struggling to stay afloat and, in some cases, lost everything due to the financial strain the pandemic has put on them. Badrun Khan knows the importance of these businesses; she knows that a majority of the city’s food supply comes from these stores and the fact that they are the backbone of the city. She plans to alleviate government regulations and inordinate tax burdens that hinder small businesses.

New York has had a never-ending history with housing issues such as The affordable housing crisis and the massive homeless population. Badrun Khan, However, wants to solve these problems by providing vouchers for low-income residents and lightening zoning laws. The vouchers would help keep low-income families in their homes while the loosening of zoning laws would help expand more affordable housing options in New York’s 26th District. While the homeless crisis has aggressively accelerated since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, Badrun Khan will work with communities, call for federal funding, & implement permanent and stable housing for those out living in the streets.

Education is paramount in securing a strong future for everyone. As someone who worked as a financial officer for a large school, Badrun Khan, gets this. She supports aggrandizing special education programs and hopes to see public schools focus more on special education. Badrun Khan is also supportive of vocational and trade schools. She that not everyone would prefer to go to a traditional four-year university to achieve success. Badrun Khan also supports tuition-free, two-year public college and, for student loans, a repayment plan based on the student’s income with a reduced cap, low-interest rates, and no accrued interest until graduation.

A daughter of Bengali immigrants who was born and raised in New York, when we last saw Badrun Khan, it was when she was running in district 14 to win Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s seat in Congress. While AOC retained her seat, Badrun Khan has counted to work tirelessly with the community like she has been doing all her life. Badrun Khan’s acts of servitude include serving as an interpreter, helping out in schools, and serving as a member of Queens Community Board 2. To this day, She continues to be a voice for those without one and remains, with an abundance of heart and compassion, involved in her community in Queens as well as the rest of New York City. As a member of New York’s City Council, Badrun Khan will not rest until New York is healed for the better. She will not stop until the people of New York are taken care of. Badrun Khan is exactly the leadership that New York needs for City Council.



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